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[anoxia]   To enhance the hidden habitats in life, which so few appreciate.

A focus is placed not only on the natural wonders of the aquatic and wetland environment which is often missed by a passer-by, but also include life changing experiences in the form of English and Afrikaans literature in the life of the author.
A long term analysis of stratification and anoxic development in hypertrophic impoundments in South Africa (2019)



Publications are available in electronic pdf format (unless indicated otherwise) and a pricelist is available on request. Publications can be requested from the author at

Aquatic Sciences



Books Poetry Boeke

[aquatic and wetland plants]
Aquatic and Wetland plants of Southern Africa (2017)

[freshwater life]
Freshwater Life. A field guide to the plants and animals of southern Africa (2015)

[euthrophication south africa]
Eutrophication South Africa: An Overview (2012)

[wetland plants]
Easy identification of some South African Wetland Plants (2011)

[aquatic plants]
Easy identification of Aquatic Plants. A guide for the identification of water plants in and around South African impoundments (2004)

Photographs available for publications
- Plant Family - Species - Type of Photograph -
AcanthaceaeAsystasia gangeticaFlower
Barleria macrostegiaPlant and flower
Crossandra greenstockiiPlant and flower
Hypoestes aristataFlower and leaf
Justicia betonicaInflorescence
AgapanthaceaeAgapanthus inapertusPlant and inflorescence
AizoaceaeCarpobrotus edulis edulisFlower and leaf
Lampranthus amoenusPlant and flower
Lampranthus aureusPlant and flower
Psammotropha myrianthaFlower
AlismataceaeSagittaria lancifolia lancifoliaFlower
AlliaceaeTulbaghia acutilobiaInflorescence
Tulbaghia coddiiPlant
AmaranthaceaeAmaranthus hybridusInflorescence and leaf
AmaryllidaceaeAmaryllis belladonnaInflorescence
Brunswigia radulosaInflorescence, flower and leaf
Crinum bulbispermumInflorescence
Crinum graminicolaPlant and inflorescence
Crinum macowaniPlant, Inflorescence and flower
Crinum paludosumPlant and inflorescence
Heamanthus montanusPlant and Inflorescence
Nerine krigeiPlant and inflorescence
Scadoxus puniceusPlant and inflorescence
AnthericaceaeEriospermum cooperiInflorescence
ApiaceaeAlipedia amatymbicaInflorescence and leaf
Berula erectaPlant, leaf and Inflorescence
Berula repandaHabitat, plant and leaf
Centella asiaticaLeaf and flower
ApocynaceaeAsclepias aureaFlower
Asclepias eminensFlower
Gomphocarpus fruticosusInflorescence and fruit
Gomphocarpus rivularisHabitat, fruit
Pachycarpus concolor transvaalensisFlower
Pachycarpus scaberPlant, Inflorescence and flower
Pachycarpus schinzianusInflorescence and flower
Pentarrhinum insipidumInfloresecnce
Periglossum angustifoliumPlant and inflorescence
Riocreuxia torulosa torulosaFlower and leaf
Schizoglossum cordifoliumInflorescence
Stapelia giganteaHabitat and flower
Xysmalobium undulatumFruit
AponogetonaceaeAponogeton desertorumHabitat, inflorescence, Flower and leaf
Aponogeton distachyosHabitat and flower
Aponogeton junceusFlower
AraceaePistia stratiotesPlant
Zantedeschia aethioicaFlower
Zantedeschia albumaculatumPlant
Zantedeschia petlandiiPlant and flower
AraliaceaeCentella asiaticaLeaf and flower
Cussonia paniculataPlant and leaf
Hydrocotle bonariensisHabitat and leaf
Hydrocotle sibthorpoidesPlant
AsparagaceaeAsparagus laricinusPlant and fruit
AsphodelaceaeAloe boyleriiPlant and Inflorescence
Aloe dichotomaHabitat, Inflorescence and stem
Aloe marlothiiPlant
Bulbine abyssinicaPlant and inflorescence
Bulbine narsissifoliaHabitat and Inflorescence
Kniphofia albescensInflorescence
Kniphofia porphyranthaPlant and Inflorescence
AsteraceaeArctotheca populifoliaPlant and Inflorescence
Arctotis discolorPlant, Inflorescence and leaf
Arctotis fustuosaFlower
Berkeya bergianaFlower, stem and leaf
Berkeya echinaceaePlant and inflorescence
Berkeya radulaFlower
Bidens formosaFlower
Bidens pilosaPlant and flower
Campuloclinium macrocephalumInflorescence and flower
Carpobrotus saueraePlant and flower
Cirsium vulgarePlant, inflorescence and fruit with seed
Cotula coronipifoliaPlant, stem, leaf and inflorescence
Crassocephalum pecridifoliumInflorescence and leaf
Denekia capensisPlant, Inflorescence
Dicoma (Macledium) anomalaPlant and inflorescence
Dicoma (Macledium) zeyheriPlant and Inflorescence
Gerbera jamesoniiInflorescence
Gerbera viridifoliaPlant
Gnaphalium filagopsisInflorescence
Haplocarpha scaposaPlant and inflorescence
Helichrysum caespitiumPlant, infloresecence, leaf and seed
Helichrysum cymosum cymosumPlant and inflorescence
Helichrysum decorumPlant, inflorescence and leaf
Helichrysum ecklonisInflorescence
Helichrysum galpiniiHabitat and inflorescence
Helichrysum mundtiInflorescence
Helichrysum pilosellumPlant and inflorescence
Helichrysum rugulosumHabitat
Helichrysum setosumInflorescence and flower
Launaea sarmentosaPlant and Inflorescence
Pseudognaphalum luteo-albumInflorescence
Scenecio inornatusInflorescence
Senecio polydon polydonInflorescence
Syncarpha vestitaInflorescence and Flower
Tithonia rotundifoliaFlower and leaf
Vernonia galpiniiPlant and flower
Vernonia hirsutaInflorescence
Vernonia oligoceohalaInflorescence
Vernonia thodeiPlant and flower
Zinnia peruvianaPlant and flower
AzollaceaeAzolla fillicoloidesPlant
BoraginaceaeCodon royeniiPlant and flower
Echiium plantagineumInflorescence
Ehretia rigidaInflorescence and fruit
BruniaceaeStaavia radiataInflorescence
BuddlejaceaeGomphostigma virgatumPlant and nflorescence
CampanulaceaeCraterocarpsa tarsodesPlant and flower
Wahlenbergia appressifoliaFlower
Wahlenbergia cuspidataPlant and flower
Wahlenbergia epacridaeInflorescence, stem and flower
Wahlenbergia grandifloraFlower
Wahlenbergia huttoniiInflorescence
CannaceaeCanna indicaInflorescence
CapparaceaeCleome angustifoliaInflorescence
Cleome gynandraInflorescence
Cleome monophyllaInflorescence
CaryophyllaceaeDianthus albensFlower
Dianthus basuticusFlower
Dianthus mooiensisHabit and Flower
Dianthus zeyheriFlower
Pollichia campestrisFlower and leaf
SIlene burchelliInflorescence
Silene sp.Inflorescence
CelastraceaeGymnosporia buxifoliaHabit
ColchicaceaeColchicum melanthoides subulatumHabit and inflorescence
Gloriosa superbaHabit and inflorescence
Litonia modestaHabit and inflorescence
CommelinaceaeAneilema aequinoctaleInflorescence
Commelina africanaFlower
Commelina Africana var. barberaeHabit
Commelina benghalensisFlower and leaf
Commelina diffusa scadensFlower
Commelina erectaHabit
Cyanotis lapidosaInfloresecnce
Cyanotis speciosaHabit and inflorescence
ConvulvaceaeCuscuta campestrisHabit
Falkia oblongaHabit
Ipomoa inficaFlower and leaf
Ipomoa pes-capreaHabit, flower and leaf
CrassulaceaeAndromischus umbraticolaHabit and Inflorescence
Cotyledon orbiculataHabit, Inflorescence
Crassula pellucida brachypetalaHabit and inflorescence
Kalanchoe thyrsifloraInflorescence
CyperaceaeAbildgaardia ovataInflorescence
Ascolepis capensisHabit, inflorescence; flower
Bolboschoenus glaucusHabit and inflorescence
Bolboschoenus maritimusInflorescence
Bulbostylis hispidulaInflorescence
Bulbostylis humilisInflorescence
Bulbostylis schleropusInflorescence
Bulbostylis schoenoidesHabit and inflorescence
Carex acutiformisHabit and inflorescence
Carex austro_africanaHabitat, habit, inflorescence
Carex burchellianaHabit, inflorescence
Carex clavataInflorescence
Carex glomerabilisHabitat, habit and inflorescence
Carex mossiiHabit and inflorescence
Carpha glomerataHabit and inflorescence
Chrystix capensisInflorescence
Cladium mariscus jamaicenseHabit and inflorescence
Cyperus alopecuroidesHabit and inflorescence
Cyperus articularisHabit and inflorescence
Cyperus compressusHabit, inflorescence, flower and nutlet
Cyperus congestusHabitat and inflorescence
Cyperus denudatusHabit and inflorescence
Cyperus difformisInflorescence
Cyperus digitatus auricomisInflorescence
Cyperus divesHabit, inflorescence and nutlet
Cyperus eragrostisHabit, inflorescence
Cyperus esculentusInflorescence
Cyperus fastigiatusHabit and inflorescence
Cyperus flavicomusHabit and inflorescence
Cyperus glaucophyllusHabit and inflorescence
Cyperus heamatocephalusHabit, inflorescence
Cyperus laevigatusHabit and inflorescence
Cyperus longus longusInflorescence
Cyperus longus tenuiiflorusInflorescence and spikelet
Cyperus natalensisInflorescence and spikelet
Cyperus obtusiflorus flavissimusHabit, inflorescence
Cyperus obtusiflorus obtusiflorusInflorescence
Cyperus papyrusHabitat and Inflorescence
Cyperus proliferInflorescence
Cyperus rotundusInflorescence and spikelets
Cyperus rupestrisHabit and inflorescence
Cyperus scirpoidesHabitat and habit
Cyperus semitrifidesHabit and Inflorescence
Cyperus sexangularisInflorescence and spikelets
Cyperus textilesInflorescence
Cyperus thunbergiiInflorescence
Eleocharis acutangulaHabitat, Habit and inflorescence
Eleocharis dregeanaHabit, Inflorescence
Fincinia brevifoliaInflorescence
Ficinia nigriscensHabit and Inflorescence
Ficinia nodosaHabitat, inflorescence
Ficinia pinguiorInflorescence
Ficinia secundaHabit and inflorescence
Fimbristylis complanata complanataHabit and inflorescence
Fimbristylis ferugineaHabit and inflorescence
Fuirena ciliarisHabit and inflorescence
Fuirena coerulescensHabit, inflorescence, nutlet
Fuirena hirsutaInflorescence
Fuirena pubescensInflorescencs
Helmuthia membranaceaeInflorescence
Isolepis costataInflorescence and spikelet
Isolepis inyangensisHabit
Isolepis minutaInflorescence
Kyllinga alataInflorescence
Kyllinga albaHabit and inflorescence
Kyllinga erectaHabit and inflorescence
Kyllinga elatiorInflorescence
Kyllinga melanospermaInflorescence
Kyllinga pulchellaInflorescence
Kyllinga welwitchiiHabit
Lipocarpha chinensisHabit and Inflorescence
Neesenbeckia punctoriaInflorescence
Pseudoschoenus inanisHabit and inflorescence
Pycreus betchuanusHabit and inflorescence
Pycreus macranthusHabit, inflorescence and spikelet
Pycreus nitidusInflorescence
Pycreus polystachyosHabit and inflorescence
Pycreus pumilusHabitat and inflorescence
Pycreus unioloidesHabit and inflorescence
Rhyncosporia browniiHabit and inflorescence
Schoenoplectus brachycerasInflorescence
Schoenoplectus corymbosusInflorescence
Schoenoplectus decipiensHabit and inflorescence
Schoenoplectus muricinuxInflorescence and spikelets
Schoenoplectus muriculatusInflorescence
Schoenoplectus pulchellusInflorescence
Scirpoides burkeiiHabit and inflorescence
Scirpoides dioecusInflorescence
Scirpus variusInflorescence
Scleria transvaalensisHabit and inflorescence
DipsacaceaeCephalaria pungensInflorescence
Cephalaria zeyherianaInflorescence
DroceraceaeDrosera burkeanaLeaf
Drosera capensisFlower and leaf
Drosera madagascariensisFlower and leaf
Drosera natalensisInflorescence and leaf
EquisetaceaeEquisetum ramossisimum
Equisetum sp.
EricaceaeErica alopecurusHabit and inflorescence
EriocaulaceaeEriocaulon dregeiHabit and inflorescence
Eriocaulon sonderariumHabit andinflorescence
EriospermaceaeEriospermum cooperi cooperiHabit, inflorescence, flower and leaf
EuphorbiaceaeAcalypha punctataMale habit and flower
Acalypha schinziHabit
Euphorbia clavaroidesHabit
Euphorbia cooperiInflorescence
Euphorbia dregeanaHabit and inlforescence
Euphorbia mauritanicaInflorescence and leaf
FabaceaeAgyrolobium tuberosumHabit, inflorescence and flower
Chamaecrista comosaHabit, inflorescence and fruit
Elephantoriza elephantinaHabit and inflorescence
Indigophera sulcate//Medicago sativaHabit and inflorescence
Psoralea affinisFlower and leaf
Rhynchosia caribaeaHabit and flower
Sphenostylis angustifoliusHabit and flower
Trifolium africanumInflorescence
Vigna vexillataHabit
GentianaceaeChironia decumbensHabit, flower and fruit
Chironia krebsiiHabit and flower
Chironia palustrisHabit and flower
Chironia purpurascensFlower
Sebaea elongate natalensisFlower
Sebaea leiostylaInflorescence
GeraniaceaeGeranium caffrumHabit and flower
Geranium multisectumHabit and flower
Geranium angustifoliumHabit and flower
Monsonia grandifoliaFlower
Monsonia praemosaHabit and flower
Pelargonium capitatumFlower
Pelargonium luridumHabit and inflorescence
Pelargonium tomentosumHabit and inflorescence
GoodeniaceaeScaevola plumeriHabitat, habit, inflorescence and leaf
GrossulariaceaeRibes uva-crispaInflorescence, flower , fruit and leaf
GunneraceaeGunnera perpensaHabitat, inflorescence and leaf
HaemodoraceaeWachendorfia brachyandraInflorescence and flower
Wachendorfia thyrsifloraHabit, inflorescence
HaloragaceaeMyriophyllum aquaticumHabitat and leaf
HyacinthaceaeDipcadi marlothiiInflorescence and flower
Dipcadi virideInflorescence and flower
Eucomus autumnalisHabit, inflorescence
Ledebouria cooperiHabit and inflorescence
Ledebouria floribundaHabit and inflorescence
Ledebouria stenophyllaInflorescence
Merwilla plumbeaInflorescence, flower and leaf
Scilla nervosaHabit, inlforescnce, flower and fruit
Urginea macrocentraInflorescence and flower
Veltheimia bracteataHabit and inflorescence
HydrocharitaceaeEgeria densaFlower and leaf
Lagarosiphon majorHabitat and habit
Lagarosiphon vericifoliaHabitat and leaf
HypericaceaeHypericum lalandiiHabit, inflorescence and flower
HypoxidaceaeEmpodium monophyllumFlower
Hypoxis hemerocallideaInflorescence and flower
Hypoxis rigidulaHabit, inflorescence and flower
Spiloxene aqauticaFlower
IridaceaeAristea capitataHabit and inflorescence
Chasmanthe aethiopicaInflorescence
Crocosmia aureaInflorescence and flower
Crocosmia paniculatumHabit, inflorescence and flower
Dierama dracomontanaHabit, Inflorescence and flower
Dietes iridoidesFlower
Gladiolus aurantiacusInflorescence
Gladiolus calcaratusInflorescence and flower
Gladiolus caruleusInflorescence and flower
Gladiolus crassifoliusInflorescence and flower
Gladiolus daleniiHabit and inflorescence
Gladiolus dalenii daleniiHabit and inflorescence
Gladiolus elliotiiHabit, inflorescence and flower
Gladiolus exiguusInflorescence and flower
Gladiolus gueinziiHabit, inflorescence, flower and fruit
Gladiolus longicollisFlower
Gladiiolus papilioHabit, inflorescence and flower
Gladiolus pardalinusInflorescence and flower
Gladiolus permeabilisInflorescence and flower
Hesperantha bauriiInflorescence and flower
Moraea brevistylaFlower
Moraea elliotiiFlower
Moraea graminicolaFlower
Moraea huttoni*Inflorescence and flower
Moraea strictaFlower
Watsonia densifloraInflorescence
Watsonia pilansiiHabit and inflorescence
Watsonia transvaalensisInflorescence and flower
JuncaceaeJuncus effususInflorescence; flower and fruit
Juncus exertusFlower and fruit
Juncus lomatophyllusHabit, inflorescence
Juncus oxycarpusHabit, inflorescence
Juncus punctoriusHabit, inflorescence, flower and fruit
Juncus rigidusInflorescence and flower
JuncaginaceaeTriglochin bulbosaInflorescence, flower and fruit
Triglochin striataHabit, inflorescence and fruit
LamiaceaeAjuga ophrydisInflorescence
Clerodendrum triphyllumHabit and flower and fruit
Mentha aquaticaInflorescence
Mentha longifoliaHabit, Inflorescence
Ocimum angustifoliumHabit and inflorescence
Pycnostachys reticulataHabitat and inflorescence
Pycnostachys urticifoliaFlower
Salvia Africana_luteaInflorescence and flower
Stachys natalensisInflorescence
LecythidaceaeBarringtonia racemosaHabit, flower and fruit
LemnaceaeLemna gibbaHabit
Lemna minorHabit
Wolfia sp.Habit
LentibulariaceaeUtricularia gibbaHabitat, flower and utricle
Utricularia lividaHabit, inflorescence and flower
LimnocharitaceaeLimnocharis flavaHabit, inflorescence
LobeliaceaeGrammatotheca bergianaInflorescence and flower
Lobelia coronipifoliaFlower
Lobelia erinusFlower
Lobelia flaccidaFlower
Lobelia tomentosaFlower
Monopsis decipiensFlower
LoranthaceaeAgelanthus natalitius zeyheriHabit and flower
LythraceaeAmmania auriculataInflorescence and leaf
Nesaea saggitifolia saggitifoliaHabit and inflorescence
MalvaceaeDombya rotundifoliaInflorescence
Hermannia althaeoidesHabit and inflorescence
Hermannia depressaHabit and inflorescence
Hermannia resedifoliaInflorescence and leaf
Hibuscus aethiopicusInflorescence and flower
Hibuscus calyphyllusPlant and flower
Hibuscus pusillusHabit and flower
Hibuscus trionumHabit, flower and fruit
Pavonia burchelliiFlower and fruit
Pavonia columellaPlant and flower
MelastomaceaeTibouchina sp.Flower
MenyanthaceaeNymphoides indica occidentalisHabitat, habit, inflorescence and fruit
Nympoides rautaneniiHabit, flower
Nympoides thunbergiiHabit and flower
MesembryanthaceaeDelosperma sutherlandiiHabit, flower and fruit
MimosaceaeAcacia karooHabit, leaf
MolluginaceaeHypertelis angrae_pequenaeHabit and flower
Psammotropha myrianthaFlower
MoraceaeFicus ingensLeaf
NymphaeaceaeNymphaea mexicana*Habit and inflorescence
Nymphaea nouchali caeruleaHabitat, habit and flower
Nymphaea nouchali ovalifoliaHabit, flower and leaf
Nymphaea nouchali ovalifoliaHabit and flower
OchnaceaeOchna pulchraHabit and flower
OnagraceaeLudwigia adscendens diffusaHabit, flower and leaf
Ludwigia stenoraphe macrosepalaHabit and flower
Oenothera jamesiiHabit, inflorescence and flower
Oenothera roseaFlower
Oenothera tetrapteraFlower
OrchidaceaeCorycium dracomontanumInflorescence and flower
Corycium nigrescensHabit, inflorescence
Dis brevicornisHabit, inflorescence
Disa chrysostachyaHabit, inflorescence and flower
Disa cooperiHabit, inflorescence and flower
Disa fragransHabit, inflorescence and flower
Disa stachoidesHabit and inflorescence
Disa versicolorHabit, inflorescence and flower
Disa woodiiHabit, inflorescence and flower
Eulophia angolensisHabit, inflorescence and flower
Eulophia bainsiiInflorescence and flower
Eulophia foliosaHabit, inflorescence
Eulophia hiansHabit, inflorescenceand flower
Eulophia nutansHabit, inflorescence and flower
Eulophia odontoglossaHabit, inflorescence and flower
Eulophia speciosaHabit, inflorescence and flower
Eulophia streptopetalaInflorescence and flower
Eulophia zeyherianaInflorescence and flower
Habenaria caffraHabit, inflorescence and flower
Habenaria divesInflorescence and flower
Habenaria epipactidaeHabit, inflorescence and flower and leaf
Ortochilus welwitschiiInflorescence and flower
Satyrium hallacki ocellatumInflorescence
Satyrium longicaudaHabit, inflorescence and flower
Satyrium parviflorumHabit, inflorescence and flower
Satyrium trinerveHabit and inflorescence
Schizochilus zeyheriInflorescence
OrobanchaceaeAlectra sessifloraInflorescence
Cycnium adonenseFlower
Graderia subintegraHabit and flower
Striga elegansHabit, inflorescence and flower
OxalidaceaeOxalis argyrophyllaHabit
Oxalis flavaHabit and flower
Oxalis luteolaHabit and flower
Oxalis pes_capraeFlower
PapaveraceaeArgemone ochroleuca*Plant and flower
Papaver aculeatum*Habit and flower
PassifloraceaePassiflora subpeltataFlower and leaf
PedaliaceaeCeratotheca trilobaHabit, Inflorescence and flower
Sesamum alatumInflorescence and flower
PhytolacaceaePhytolaca octandra*Habit, inflorescence and fruit
PlantaginaceaePlantago lanceolataHabit and inflorescence
Plantago longissimaHabit and inflorescence
PlumbaginaceaeDyerophytum africanumInflorescence
PoaceaeAgrostis atinuataInflorescence
Agrostis lachnanthaHabitat, habit and inflorescence
Alloteropsis semialataInflorescence
Alloteropsis semialata eckloniiHabit, Inflorescence and spikelet
Andropogon appendiculatusInflorescence
Andropogon eucomusInflorescence
Brachiaria nigropetalaSpikelet
Brachiaria serrataInflorescence and spikelet
Bromus catharticusInflorescence
Bromus pectinatus Inflorescence
Calamagrostis epigejos capensisInflorescence
Capechloa cinctaHabit and inflorescence
Chloris gayanusInflorescence
Cortaderia jubataHabit and inflorescence
Cortaderia seloanaInflorescence and spikelet
Cymbopogon plurinoidesInflorescence
Cymbopogon vallidusInflorescence
Dactyloctenium giganteumHabit and inflorescence
Dichantium annulatumInflorescence
Diheteropogon filifoliusHabit; inflorescence and spikelet
Echinochloa grus_galliInflorescence
Echinochloa holubiInflorescence
Echinochloa jubataInflorescence and spikelet
Eragrostis gummifloaInflorescence and spikelet
Eragrostis racemosaInflorescence
Eragrostis superbaInflorescence and spikelet
Harpachloa falxHabitat, inflorescence
Hemarthra altissimaInflorescence
Hyparrhenia hirtaHabitat and inflorescence
Hyparrhenia tambaHabitat and inflorescence
Hyperthelia dissolutaInflorescence
Imperata cylindricaHabit and inflorescence
Ischaemum fasciculatumHabit and inflorescence
Koeleria capensisHabit, inflorescence and spikelet
Leersia hexandraHabit, inflorescence, spikelet and node
Loudetia simplexInflorescence, spikelet and node
Melinis repensInflorescence and spikelet
Miscanthus junceusHabit, inflorescence, spikelet and ligule
Monocymbium cereiiformeHabit, inflorescence, spikelet and node
Panicum maximumSpikelet
Panicum repensInflorescence, spikelet
Paspalum dilatatumInflorescence
Paspalum scrobiculatumInflorescence and spikelet
Paspalum urvilleiInflorescence and spikelet
Pennisetum macrourumHabit
Pennisetum thunbergiiHabit and inflorescence
Phragmites australisInflorescence and spikelet
Phragmites mauritianusHabit, inflorescence and leaf
Polypogon monspeliensisHabit, inflorescence and spikelet
Polypogon viridisHabit and inflorescence
Setaria incrassataHabit, nflorescence and spikelet
Setaria megaphyllaHabit and inflorescence
Setaria sphacelata sericeaInflorescence and spikelet
Sorghum halepenseHabit, inflorescence and spikelet
Sporobolus africanusHabit and inflorescence
Sporobolus pyramidalisHabit and inflorescence
Stenotaphrum secundatumInflorescence and leaf
Stiburus alopecuroidesHabit and inflorescence
Themeda triandraInflorescence and spikelet
Thinopyrum distichumHabit, inflorescence and spikelet
Tristachya biserataInflorescence
Tristachya leucothrixHabit, inflorescence and spikelet
PolygalaceaeMuraltia spinosaInflorescence
Polygala africanaInflorescence
Polygala asbestinaHabit and flower
Polygala hottentottaInflorescence and flower
Polygala uncinataHabit and inflorescence
PolygonaceaePersicaria amphibiaHabit and inflorescence
Persicaria attenuate africanaHabit, inflorescence, sheath and flower
Persicaria decipiensHabit, inflorescence, sheath and flower
Persicaria hydropiperHabit, inflorescence, flower and fruit
Persicaria lapathifoliaHabit, inflorescence and sheath
Persicaria limbataHabit, inflorescence, sheath and flower
Persicaria meisneriana beyrichianaHabit, inflorescence, sheath and flower
Persicaria senegalensis
PontederiaceaeEichorrnia crassipes*Habit, inflorescence and flower
Pontederia cordata*Habit, Inflorescence
PotamogetonaceaePotamogeton nodosusHabit, inflorescence and fruit
Potamogeton pussilusHabit and inflorescence
Potamogeton schweinfurthiiHabit and inflorescence
Potamogeton trichoidesHabit and inflorescence
Stuckenia pectinatusHabit and inflorescence
PrioniaceaePrionium serratumHabitat, habit and, inflorescence
ProteaceaeLeucospermum mundiiInflorescence
Leucospermum patersoniiInflorescence
Protea cynaroidesInflorescence
Protea eximiaInflorescence
Protea repensInflorescence
Protea welwitschiiInflorescence
Serruria kraussiiHabit and inflorescence
RanunculaceaeRanunculus meyeriHabit and inflorescence
Ranunculus multifidesHabit and inflorescence
RosaceaeRubus rosifoliusInflorescence
RubiaceaeKohautia amatymbicaInflorescence
Oldenlandia lancifolia scabridulaHabit, inflorescence, flower and fruit
Pachystigma pygmaemHabit, inflorescence and fruit
Pentanasia angustifoliaHabit and inflorescence
Pentanasia prunelloidesInflorescence
Pygmaeothamnus zeyheriHabit and inflorescence
Richardia brasiliensis*Habit and inflorescence
Vangueria infaustaInflorescence
SalvadoraceaeAzima tetracanthaStem
SalviniaceaeSalvinia minimaHabitat and habit
Salvinia molestaHabit and leaf
SapindaceaeDodonaea angustifoliaInflorescence
SapotaceaeEnglerophytum magalismontanumInflorescence and leaf
SchropulariaceaeBacopa monnieriHabit and inflorescence
Craterostigma wilmsiiHabit, inflorescence
Datura stramonium*Inflorescence
Diascia collinaHabit and inflorescence
Hebenstreia duraHabit and inflorescence
Hebenstretia oatsiiHabit and inflorescence
Jamesbrittenia burkeanaHabit and inflorescence
Limosella longifloraHabit, inflorescence and flower
Limosella majorHabit
Mimulus gracilisHabit and inflorescence
Nemesia caeruleaInflorescence and flower
Nemesia denticulataHabit and flower
Nemesia fruiticansInflorescence, flower and fruit
Nemesia versicolorHabit, inflorescence and flower
Phygelius aequalisInflorescence, flower
Selago flanaganiiHabit
Tetraselago natalensisInflorescence
Veronica anagalis aquaticaHabit, inflorescence and flower
Zalunskya elongataInflorescence
SolanaceaeSolanum acanthoideumHabit, inflorescence and flower
SterculiaceaeMelhania prostrataHabit and flower
StilbaceaeStilbe albifloraInflorescence
ThymeleaceaeGnidia burchelliiHabit and inflorescence
Gnidia caffraInflorescence
TilliaceaeGrewia occidentalisFlower
TyphaceaeTypha capensisInflorescence
Typha domingensisInflorescence
VelloziaceaeXerophyta retrinervisHabitat, habit, inflorescence, flower and fruit
VerbenaceaeLantana camaraHabit, inflorescence, flower and fruit
Lantana rugosaHabit; inflorescence and fruit
Phyla nodiflora nodifloraHabit, Inflorescence
Verbena aristigeraInflorescence
Verbena bonariensisInflorescence
Verbena brasiliensisInflorescence
XyridaceaeXyris ancepsHabit, inflorescence and flower
Xyris capensisFlower
Xyris congensisHabit and inflorescence
Xyris gerrardiiInflorescence and flower
Xyris natalensisInflorescence
Xyris obscuraInflorescence
Xyris rehmanniiInflorescence and flower
ZanichelliaceaeZanichella palustrisHabit, inflorescence and fruit
ZosteraceaeZostera capensisHabit
ZygophyllaceaeRoepera cordiifoliumHabit and flower
Roepera flexuosumHabit, inflorescence and flower
Roepera morgsanaHabit, flower and fruit

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Easy identification of the most common freshwater algae. A guide for the identification of microscopic algae in South African freshwaters (2006)
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[thoughts of life poems]
Thoughts of Life (2018)

Water's Wonders...

Three tiny...
Bound together...
To form...
A shape-shifting...
Supportive mass...
In continuous...
Cycling movement...

It can patter...
And splash...
And run...
And mix...
Thunder down...
Break on the beach...
And cause friction in the sky...

It deems you...
Cools you down...
Lifts you...
Refreshes you...
Engulfs you...

In pouring down...
Amidst thunderous roars...
It scares
Washes off...

Carve away...
At natures upheaved...
Stone masses...
Forming new...
And old...
River runs...

No human created...
Can withstand...
The anger...
Of a tidal wave...
Or a flood forming...

Those three...
Tiny molecules...
In gas...
Liquid, or...
Solid phase...
An integral part...
Of our...
And future...

[jongste van ses staaltjies]
Rinatjie, die jongste van ses (2019)

[ma van drie staaltjies]
Rinatjie, ma van drie (2019)

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